Management of essential hyperhidrosis by radiofrequency thermocoagulation

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hyperhidrosis درمان تعریق

The radiofrequency lesion has been claimed to be the most effective and widely used method for localized therapeutic destruction of neural tissue. The basic principle for radiofrequency ablation of a sympathetic lesion involves accuracy and precision. Sensory electrical stimulation occasionally elicits either a vague sensation or pain at the target area. Motor stimulation usually serves as an indicator of sufficient distance from the ventral root. To maximize the probability of success, the radiofrequency electrode must be located as close to the sympathetic ganglion as possible
Second thoracic ganglionectomy and sympathectomy performed with the use of percutaneous RFT is a very effective treatment for palmar and craniofacial hyperhidrosis that provide excellent immediate and long-term results as well as a low complication rate. The technique is safe, has fewer side effects, and is certainly easier with less cost effect than other surgical alternative. The technique is also effective as a retreatment for recurrences.


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