Successful joint treatment with prolozone

Successful joint treatment with prolozone


Prolozone is derived from the word ozone and the Latin word “proli” which means to regenerate or re-build. It literally means re-building tissues with ozone. It is important to understand what the word Prolozone actually means. “Prolo” is short for proliferation, because the treatment causes the proliferation (growth, formation) of new ligament tissue in areas where it has become weak.

About Prolozone Therapy technique

Prolozone® is a homeopathic/oxygen-ozone injection technique developed and pioneered by Dr. Frank Shallenberger. It is excellent for all forms of musculo-skeletal and joint pain including chronic neck and back pain, rotator cuff injuries, degenerative and arthritic hips and knees, degenerated discs, and shoulder and elbow pain.
Prolozone is a form of non-surgical ligament reconstruction and is a permanent treatment for chronic pain. Prolozone is a connective tissue injection therapy of collagen producing substances and ozone gas which can reconstruct damaged or weakened connective tissue in and around joints. These substances are injected into the damaged connective tissue in and around a joint to rebuild the damaged areas.
By repairing the connective tissue this is all that is needed to permanently reverse chronic pain.


knee_pain زانو درد

Knee pain

I had pain in both knees. My left knee was so painful that I could barely place a weight on it and I walked with a limp. The pain was impacting every aspect of my life, and woke me up many times during the night.
Started prolozone therapy with pain clinic and after a short time my right knee was totally pain-free. Pain in my left knee was much improved, but still present. I continued treatment in the left knee and after another four treatments. Now, my left knee was also pain-free. I’m now able to work on my feet for 10 hours a day without pain.

Shoulder Pain is Gone

I had pain in right shoulder for many years. It was quite painful to raise it past 90 degrees, which made writing on a blackboard very pain, which was big problem for as I am a teacher. The whole area was quite tender even to the lightest touch.
I had a total of three prolozone treatments 2 weeks apart. I didn’t notice a lot of improvement with first treatment, but after the second treatment there was marked improvement and after three treatments I was completely pain free.

Back Pain for 27 years

I have had back pain for 27 years. I had three prolozone treatments on my back each two weeks apart and now I am pain free for the first time in many years.


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