An introduction to ozone therapy

An introduction to ozone therapy

Ozone therapists have suggested that the three oxygen atoms in ozone may have health benefits beyond the two oxygen atoms that are more commonly found in air. There are a number of different techniques used to treat people with ozone.
Ozone may be mixed with water and then taken by mouth.

  • Ozone may be introduced into a body cavity such as the vagina or rectum.
  • Autohemotherapy (AHT) is a technique that withdraws blood from the body, mixes it with ozone gas, and then injects it back into the body through a vein or muscle.
  • Ozone-enriched water or vegetable oil has been used on the skin to treat wounds, burns, infections, or insect bites.
  • Water enriched with ozone has also been injected into joints of the body for the treatments of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Injection of ozone into the joints (ie via the intraarticular route); as the term implies, ozone is carefully injected – by a trained specialist – in the treatment of inflamed and painful joints (arthritis, recurrent arthrosis, general pathological stiffness). This is a must in many orthopedic practices

A trained ozone therapist, determines the dosage for you

Medical ozone is always a mixture of purest ozone and purest oxygen.
According to its application, the ozone concentration can vary between 1 and 100 µg/ml (0.05 – 5 % O3). The ozone therapist, a trained physician, determines the complete dosage according to the medical indication and the patient’s condition.

Malignant disease (cancer)

Ozone-autohaemotransfusion can be applied with great profit in the form of an additional, biological, therapy in malignant conditions. We here make use of ozone’s immunoactivating property, produced when it is applied at a low dose. Immune cells are activated via biological reactions induced by ozone. In fact, ozone makes the body produce increased quantities of its own interferons and interleukins. On reintroduction of the ozonized blood, a cascade of positive immune reactions are set off, also contributing to general resistance and wellbeing.

Inflammatory and degenerative joint conditions

This applies to gonarthritis (inflammation of the knee joint) or the active arthritic form in knee and shoulder joints. We here make full use of the antiinflammatory effects of ozone, in addition to its immunomodulatory properties and its ability to activate cartilage metabolism.

Arthritic/Rheumatic conditions/Chronic polyarthritis

The term arthritic/rheumatic conditions includes various painful diseases of the skeletal or muscular system, partly also involving functional restrictions. In general, the application of medical ozone can here be regarded as being a complementary measure only, combined with a basic classical method and corresponding physiotherapy.


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