interventional pain management for chronic pain

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Interventional Pain Management for Chronic Pain

Living with pain changes the way in which we live, work and view life. It interferes with almost every aspect of one’s life, making proper diagnosis and treatment essential. Most times, there is absolutely no purpose for the chronic pain that is torturing you and your loved ones.
Interventional Pain Medicine is a relatively new but growing field that utilizes a variety of procedures such as injections, nerve blocks, and physical therapy to treat painful disorders and injuries
For many people living with chronic pain, finding pain relief can be tough. A lot of trial and error is involved to find a pain treatment that works. Interventional pain management may help chronic pain patients cope with their pain.
Similar to other pain management treatments, such as taking prescription medications, interventional pain management can help you manage your pain. But what makes interventional pain management different is that it uses techniques, such as injections and radiofrequency rhizotomy, to directly address the source of your pain.
Some conditions interventional pain management techniques commonly treat include:

  • chronic headaches, mouth, or face pain
  • low back pain
  • muscle and/or bone pain
  • neck pain

Sometimes interventional pain management techniques play a part in a multi-disciplinary approach to relieve your pain and other symptoms. These techniques may be used in conjunction with mental and emotional therapy and prescription medications, for example.

Is Interventional Pain Management an Option for You?‬

You may need to try several interventional pain management techniques or perhaps a combination of these techniques as part of a comprehensive pain management plan. These techniques can provide pain relief to improve your quality of life.
As with any procedure, interventional pain management procedures have certain risks. Have a discussion with your doctor about whether interventional pain management is an option for you.

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