Treatment of thorax and back pains

Treatment of thorax and back pains

Thoracic Epidural Nerve Block technic is highly effective on pain management through frequency increasing. Since the spinal cord is inside the thorax the physician who is going to perform the surgery must be significantly skilled regarding undertaking epidural anesthesia technics. In order to avoid surgery side effects, it is necessary to be fully aware of anatomical and physiological changes related to the Thoracic Epidural Nerve Block.



Post-surgical pains

Herpes and post-herpes neuralgia

Epidural Steroid

Acute secondary Post traumatic pains

Cancerous pains

Stimulation of the spinal cord

Acute pancreatitis

Not unlike other norouxial methods, in the following cases the Thoracic Epidural Nerve Block method must not be applied:

Infection in the spot under treatment or septicemia

Bleeding or clotting of blood such as thrombocytopenia and or in-taking of anti-coagulant drugs

Uncorrected hypovolemia

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